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New look for Vet Aquadent

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 

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New look for Vet Aquadent

Our easy-to-use drinking water additive, Vet Aquadent, which helps to fight dental plaque and tartar formation in dogs and cats has been given a fresh new blue colour, as well as a new bottle with a more contemporary design.

Vet Aquadent is a palatable solution for daily dental and oral hygiene of cats and dogs. Used in fresh drinking water, it can help to eliminate bad breath and aids in controlling plaque build-up as part of an oral hygiene regime. Vet Aquadent’s liquid formulation can be particularly helpful to cat owners, who may find it difficult to brush their pets’ teeth.

We know that Vet Aquadent is tried and trusted by many pet owners and relied upon for the contribution it makes to maintaining oral and dental health in dogs and cats.  Blue is a popular colour in the veterinary dental sector so we have made the change to bring Vet Aquadent in line with other related products to help ensure that it is instantly recognisable, both to existing and new users. It sits alongside the other products in our ‘at-home’ veterinary dental range, including our Enzymatic toothpastes, which inhibit bacterial growth, and our highly palatable VeggieDent™ chews*, which are available in four sizes.

Given the number of pets suffering from periodontal disease, encouraging pet owners to adopt an effective preventative care regime is a simple way for veterinary practices to encourage responsible pet ownership and, in so doing, to generate a useful revenue stream from product sales.

*Chaix, G. & Lloret, F. (2016). Palatability and chewing time evaluation of a vegetable dental chews (veggiedent) designed for plaque and tartar control in dogs. BSAVA congress proceedings 2016.


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