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NEW from Virbac is the introduction of DefensinTM technology into our dermatology range. Defensin uses naturally sourced components which work together to stimulate the body’s natural innate immune system by increasing the production of 2 key groups of the body’s own anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), defensins and cathelicidinss1.

AMPs, as part of the innate immune system, are involved in many different processes including the recruitment of other immune cells, such as mast cells and T cells, when there is an invasion of a pathogen such as a bacteria or a yeastS6.

Another interesting and important function of AMPs is in the protection of the skin. When a bacteria, fungus or yeast is a threat to the skin, the AMPs can attach to the host or the cell membrane and create a pore. This pore then causes disruption and results in cell death – thus helping to reduce the load of pathogens on the skin surface (as shown in the diagram below).


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