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Zero-Tolerance to parasites

All you need to know about the Zero Tolerance range of products to control fleas, ticks, lungworm and gastrointestinal worms in dogs and cats.                                                                                          


There is an alternative to surgery

An innovative hormone implant, licensed for use in entire male dogs and ferrets, to provide temporary castration.                                                           



Skin Innovative Science

S>I>S (Skin Innovative Science) incorporates four novel technologies from Virbac to help improve the skin barrier and utilise the skins natural defences to protect against pathogen invasion. Read about our unique, innovative technologies here.

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Are you ParvoAlert?

ParvoAlert is an online, social media-based early warning system designed to alert vets and dog owners of cases of canine parvovirus (CPV) in their area. Use our interactive parvo map to view cases around the UK.                                        

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Do you use the 3D Worming Approach?

3D Worming is designed for you, as a horse owner, to help plan a more targeted, strategic worming programme for your horse, pony or yard.                                             


Latest News

Latest News

Sep 22 - Virbac produce three innovative videos in conjunction with the BVA and ITN

A series of new videos have been produced in conjunction with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and ITN, as part of the ground-breaking ‘Veterinary View’ series, which looks to explore the role and value of the veterinary profession.

Sep 22 - Study Highlights Attitudes To A Choice At Castration

In a survey of 411 vets looking at attitudes to castration, 76% of those questioned recommending neutering as a routine procedure for all male dogs, whilst only 52% said they offered clients alternatives to surgical neutering.

Sep 22 - New BVA Video Urges Vets to Discuss Canine Castration Options with Clients

A new video produced in conjunction with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and ITN, as part of the ground-breaking ‘Veterinary View’ series, is urging vets to offer dog owners a choice when it comes to castration. The video, produced with Virbac, follows the publication of research¹ showing just over half of veterinary surgeons say they currently offer alternatives to surgical neutering.